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The following selections are some of my Favorite Banjo Midi Instrumentals that were downloaded from Free Midi Sites on the Internet.  I hope that you have an advanced audio card and a subwoofer, then the files that you will find here will have a high quality sound. I like the Sound Blaster Audigy because of it's great sample integrity and also it produces outstanding definition. Come back often as I sequence new tunes as often as I can find the time.


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"Adams Breakdown"


"Arkansas Traveler"

  "Banjo Vamp"   

"Battle of New Orleans"

"Ballad of Jesse James"

"Banks of the Ohio"

"Blackberry Blossom"

"Bugle Call Rag"

"Cajun Song"

"Cherokee Shuffle"


"Color Guard"

"Colord Major"

"Coming Around the Mountain"

"Country Roads"

"Dance California"

"Deep Purple"

"Dear Old Dixie"


"Doggy Mountain Breakdown"

"Down Yonder"

"Dueling Banjos"

"Earl's Breakdown"

"Fireball Mail"

"Fisher Hornpipe"

"Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

"Forked Deer"

"Good Old Mountain Dew"

"Hard Times"

"Ghost Riders in the Sky"

"Little Darling Pal of Mine"

"Little Maggie"

"Lonesome River Blues"

"Mississippi Rag"

"Oh Susanna"

"Okeechobee Railroad Blues"

"On The Mill Dam"

"Orange Blossom Special"

"Peaceful Henry"

"Pick Away"

"Pick In Time"

"Picking on the Old Banjo"

"Pink  Lemonade"

"Plantation Symphony"


"Queen of the Burlesque"


"Raggedy Andy"

"Red Wing"

"Rocky Top"

"Ruben James"

"Running Bear"

"Salty Dog"

"St. Louis Tickle"

"Sweet Georgia Brown"

"Temptation Rag"

"The Ballad of Cat Ballou"

"The Drum Major"

"To Much Mustard"

"Tom & Jerry"


"Under The Double Eagle"

"Wabash Cannon Ball"

"Washington Post March"

"Whiskey in the Morning"

"Will The Circle Be Unbroken"


     "Bonaparte's Retreat"     

            "Lost Indian"             

   "I'm Moving On"  


       "Wang Wang Blues"        

             "Train 45"          

       "Salt Creek"            

     "Smiler Rag"          

"8 More Miles to Lewisville"

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