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New Midi Banjo  Selections

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Presented by

Thomas A. Markham

For Your Listening Pleasure



The following selections are some of my Favorite Banjo Midi Instrumentals that were downloaded from Free Midi Sites on the Internet.  They are New to this Presentation, and will be moved to their Respective Areas in a few months.  I hope that you have an advanced audio card and a subwoofer, then the files that you will find here will have a high quality sound. I like the Sound Blaster Audigy because of it's great sample integrity and also it produces outstanding definition. 


(Click Title to Hear That Song)

               "Margie"        New 5-23-2003 

         "Bonaparte's Retreat" New 5-30-2003    

                 "Lost Indian"      New 6-14-2003       

          "I'm Moving On"   New 7-14-2003

               "Moonglow"       New 6-14-2003    

             "WangWang Blues"  New 6-14-2003      

                    "Train 45"         New 6-14-2003 

           "Salt Creek"          New 6-14-2003  

            "Smiler Rag"             New 6-14-2003

"8 More Miles to Lewisville"New 11-17-2003

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Let Me know how you like the Music, and if you have any Personal Request.  Write me at:  Tommy Markham