FEC Railway Entered Okeechobee, Florida in 1915

Okeechobee, Florida


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Early Information That Helped Create Okeechobee History

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1-Early Florida Indian Wars FORT SYSTEM    2-Second Seminole War 1835-1842   3-Noel Rabun Raulerson  4-Ft. Drum Community  5-Ft. Bassinger Community  6- Hamilton Diston 1881  7-Kissimmee River Steamboats  8-Peter Raulerson Migration




The Following pages are full of Okeechobee, Florida History that will delight the visitor for many hours of browsing fun.  You will find pictures of Indians,  Lake Okeechobee,  Early Settlers,  FEC Railroad,  Okeechobee City,  Markham's Cannery,  Hoover Dike, and many other pictures of this early  Florida Wilderness. There are many sections of  special  interest,  Hurricane PicturesKissimmee River Boat-A-Cade,      Do You Remember When,  Hoover Dike Construction, and the ever popular Okeechobee Picture Gallery.  So all you have to do now is  push your button of interest, sit back and enjoy.


Florida East Coast RR Entered Okeechobee, Fl On First Run in 1915

Ellis Meserve From St.Augustine was First Paying Passenger


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The City of Okeechobee Florida  was Laid-Out by  Engineers of the Florida East Coast Railway Company Starting in 1911.  This Area Before That was Called "Tantie", and Before That It was Called "The Bend".


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Okeechobee County  ---  was formed from parts of Osceola, St. Lucy, and Palm Beach Counties on August 7, 1917.  A Delegation headed by William Lee Coats known as "Okeechobee Bill" had spent several weeks in Tallahassee working with the legislature for passage of their Bill.  Okeechobee City was laid out by Railroad Engineers for The "Okeechobee  Company", a branch of the Florida East Coast Railway, which had built the  Kissimmee River Valley Extension , entering Okeechobee City in 1914.  At the time of the Florida Boom (1920's), the area was advertised as the "Chicago of the South".  After the "Bust" it was just a  sleepy little county in South Central Florida with a population of about 1500 people.  I moved here in 1937, when I was two years old.    At that time the only jobs to be had were either in the Fishing Industry, or day work as a Cowboy. From that time until now, some seventy one years, I have witnessed much change.  The pictures that you will see on the following pages capture the progress and flavor of Okeechobee County.  Let me know how you liked the story and pictures. Now Push the SELECTION BAR and on with the show. 

Okeechobee Florida

A Pictorial History

Tommy Markham


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Okeechobee Before and After Pictures


Everglades Time Line


Okeechobee County's Past Legislators


1965 Okeechobee CowBelles


Okeechobee's State Champion Band


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Okeechobee Hurricane 1926-Pictures-1928

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Okeechobee Picture Gallery


Okeechobee School Pictures

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Okeechobee, Florida  Do you Remember When ?

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The Markhams From Jennings Creek


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