Descendants of

Garrett Robert Tingen

Presented by Thomas A. Markham

fuqboat.jpg (11753 bytes)GARRETT ROBERT TINGEN  (The Immigrant) born ca.1789 in Scotland, died 1847 in Person County, NC. Came to America, when he was about 17 years old,  ca. 1806. Possibly from England to Norfolk,  VA.    (English,  Scotch, & Irish  descent).  Some say he came from Scotland at age 6 alone or parents died at sea.   Melba Coates states that she was told that Garrett Tingen was Garrett, Jr. That he lived in Maryland with his mother and step father, who's name is not known.  Stated that Garrett Tingen, Jr. was mistreated by his step father, so he ran away from home and never to return.    This has not been proven yet. He stated himself that he went out to feed the pigs, and never returned to his home. He left without clothes,  food, money nor transportation.  He crossed the James River into North Carolina at age 16 ca.1806, settling in Granville County, NC.  Garrett Served in the War of 1812 (Garrett Tingen) in Drummers and Fifers, NC Reg't, Granville County.  

He married Joanna Duncan January 8, 1815.  She was age15 when they married in Granville County, NC.  Joanna was the daughter of Ambrose Harrison Duncan & Martha Slaughter and granddaughter of Jacob Slaughter.  Garrett & Joanna moved to Allensville, Person County, NC  where they purchased 100 acres of land from John Duncan on Ghents Creek, N. W. of Roxboro, NC.   They sold 117 acres in 1818, then moved to Franklin County, NC in 1818 where they purchased 166 acres of land from William Fletcher.   This land was conveyed to, Peter Foster in 1822.  After that they moved to Hertford County, NC (as per Benjamin T. Tingen birth).   Hertford County  court house burned in 1832 and 1862.  In 1835 Garrett purchased 100 acres of land on Mayo Creek, Person County, NC from Robert Beasley &  another 100 acres from John Townsend, also on Mayo Creek which is North of Allensville, NC.  

Garrett suffered a stroke while visiting his nephew, Giles Duncan.  He was carried home in a wagon and died 2 weeks later in 1847.  Joanna died June 15, 1853, her will dated December 10, 1852, was probated in 1854.  She named her sons, Jacob & William as executors of her estate.   There was a side saddle among her possessions as well as a Negro boy named Enoch who sold for $774.00 and a  tract of land which sold for $410.00.  Her estate totaled $2,192.16, dated 10-15-1855.   

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 Tingen Family Picture Gallery

Generation No. 1

    1.  Garrett Robert Tingen1 was born Abt. 1789 in Scotland, and died Abt. 1847 in Person Co NC.  He married Joanna Duncan January 08, 1815 in Granville County, NC. daughter of John Duncan and Elisabeth Peyton.  She was born Abt. 1800 in NC, and died June 18, 1853.

Children of Garrett Tingen and Joanna Duncan are:  

      2        ii.  Jacob Tingen, born Abt. 1817 in Ghents Creek         Farm; Person Co NC.  

+    3         i.  Sterling Harrison Tingen, born April 1832 in NC; died November 22, 1922 in Bera; Granville Co NC.      

+    4       iii.  Ambrose Harrison Tingen, born Abt. 1820 in Franklin Co NC; died Abt. 1896 in Person Co NC.

+    5       iv.  William Walter Tingen, born Abt. 1822 in Franklin Co NC; died Abt. 1881 in Creedmore; Granville Co NC.

+    6        v.  Martha Mutery Tingen, born March 08, 1824; died December 20, 1891.

      7       vi.  Elizabeth Tingen, born April 18, 1826; died July 18, 1918 in Person Co NC.

Notes for Elizabeth Tingen: Never Married

+    8      vii.   Garrett Robert Tingen, Jr., born October 18, 1828 in NC; died August 20, 1905 in Granville Co NC.

+    9     viii.  John Ridley Tingen, born July 10, 1830; died December 12, 1911.

      10     ix.  Zechariah Tingen, born Abt. 1832 in Person Co NC; died December 31, 1891 in Person Co NC.  He married Elsie Ann Duncan November 30, 1857 in Granville Co NC; born Abt. 1838 in Granville Co NC.

Notes for Zechariah Tingen:

Served the Confederate Army Pvt. Co H 24th Reg't NC Inf.

enlisted 5/15/1862. Taken Prisoner 6/17/1864. Released 3/16/1865

+    11      x.  Benjamin T. Tingen, born January 18, 1837 in Hertford Co NC; died April 02, 1920 in Wake Co NC.

      12     xi.  Polly Tingen, born Abt. 1838.

+    13    xii.  Joseph Pherrell Tingen, born August 05, 1839 in Person Co NC; died November 21, 1925 in Person Co NC.

Generation No. 2

  Sterling H. Tingen.JPG (90575 bytes)

    3.  Sterling Harrison Tingen (Garrett Robert1) was born April 1832 in NC, and died November 22, 1922 in Bera; Granville Co, NC.  He married Eleanor Demaris Duncan February 19, 1857, daughter of Anderson Duncan and Elizabeth Slaughter.  She was born October 10, 1832 in Granville Co NC.


Children of Sterling Tingen and Eleanor Duncan are:

+    14       i.  Mary Frances Tingen, born December 28, 1857 in Granville Co NC; died May 1897 in Granville Co NC.

      15      ii.  Johanna Elizabeth Tingen, born April 02, 1861 in Bera; Granville Co NC.  She married John Benjamin Duncan; born June 30, 1856 in Granville Co NC.

+    16     iii.  Ada Tingen, born 1865 in Granville Co NC.

+    17     iv.  John Cameron Tingen, born June 1866 in Granville Co NC; died 1916.

+    18      v.  Ellie Jane Tingen, born March 18, 1869 in Granville Co NC; died October 13, 1929 in Rupert ID.

+    19     vi.  Lucy Emma Tingen, born August 18, 1870 in Granville Co NC; died November 10, 1956 in Granville Co NC.


    4.  Ambrose Harrison Tingen (Garrett Robert1) was born Abt. 1820 in Franklin Co NC, and died Abt. 1896 in Person Co NC.  He married Annie Jane Yarborough October 11, 1843 in Person Co NC, daughter of James Yarborough.  She was born Abt. 1825, and died Abt. 1896.

Notes for Ambrose Harrison Tingen:

He donated the land for the Allensville UMC He owned the Tingen Copper mine in Person Co

Children of Ambrose Tingen and Annie Yarborough are:

+    20       i.  John H. Tingen, born in Person Co NC.

+    21      ii.  Elizabeth Susan Tingen.

      22     iii.  Rebecca I Tingen, born 1847 in Person Co NC.  She married John M Clark December 04, 1872 in Person Co NC by Joseph Thomas JP; born 1817 in Allensville NC.

+    23     iv.  Margaret Eula Tingen, born Abt. 1848 in Person Co NC.

+    24      v.  Isaac H. Tingen, born March 02, 1848 in Person Co NC; died August 07, 1921 in Person Co NC.

+    25     vi.  William R Tingen, born 1850 in Person Co NC; died 1878.

+    26    vii.  Elsie Mary Tingen, born Abt. 1852 in Person Co NC.

+    27   viii.  Martha Frances Tingen, born April 06, 1856 in Person Co NC; died July 14, 1934.

+    28     ix.  Benjamin Tingen, born May 1860 in Person Co NC; died May 08, 1935.

+    29      x.  James Garrett Tingen, born January 10, 1862; died September 08, 1926.

+    30     xi.  Ailsie Thomas Tingen, born April 20, 1866 in Person Co NC; died December 20, 1913.

+    31    xii.  Lucinda Tingen, born Abt. 1869 in Person Co NC; died April 22, 1932.